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Upper Extremity Orthotics

Upper extremity orthotic braces are used in a number of cases, such as:

  • Stabilization of fractures and joints
  • Joint immobilization for faster healing after injury
  • Prevention or correction of joint dysfunctions
  • Assisting the proper joint function
  • Treatment of muscular injuries caused by intense muscle spasms
  • Pain reduction

Due to the complex anatomy of upper extremities and the wide range of movements they execute, there are thousands of upper extremity orthotic braces in the market, which makes the task of choosing the appropriate product even harder. Rehabline’s specialized orthotists can help you choose the suitable orthotic brace for your needs, either a simple elbow support manufactured by a European or American firm, or a complex elbow or arm-wrist device that being manufactured specifically for you in our orthotics laboratories, according to your needs.