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Gait Training

Many people believe that since walking is something they usually did in their daily life, they don’t need to receive gait training after an injury, a stroke, or even after an amputation.

Unfortunately, most spine and lower extremity injuries influence people’s walking mechanism and in the case that is not resolved with the proper therapy and practice, it can lead to injury relapse or even further reduction of the person’s kinetic abilities. Furthermore, in the case of amputation and use of a prosthetic limb, the user needs to follow a special training and practice program, which is created according to each user’s needs by Rehabline’s specialized physiotherapists and bioengineers, so that the patient can use his prosthetic limb properly and be as independent as possible, regain his self-confidence and be able to move safely and without problems.

A proper gait training program, set up by specialized prosthetists, orthotists and bioengineering scientists, aids, enhances and speeds up rehabilitation.

Very few people give in gain training the attention it deserves. It would be great if the prosthetic or orthotic device could help its user return to his normal way of walking as soon as it is worn. This is not the case. Rehabline’s specialized scientists participate in numerous training seminars, so that they can consistently offer specialized gait training. In special cases, we cooperate with physiatrists, physiotherapists, as well as bioengineers. Our goal is to seek for innovative ideas and methods that facilitate the constant improvement of our patients’ quality of life.

Angelos Chronopoulos

Chief Prosthetist-Orthotist, Founder of Rehabline

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