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Spinal Column

Orthotic body braces are used to support the user’s spinal column and to restrict its movement. These devices can be used to repair spinal disorders or to facilitate the proper function of the spine.

Orthotic spine braces are manufactured according to the user’s needs, however there are turnkey spine aids that are used for minor injuries and support during work or sports.

An orthotic spine brace is prescribed by a physician to deal with pains in the area, many times after an operation or some injury, as well as to correct or aid with a genetic disorder, like scoliosis.

We provide turnkey orthotic body braces, in cooperation with the best European and American firms, adjustable to the body shape and needs of each user. Furthermore, Rehabline manufactures tailor-made orthotic body braces, which focus on one or more spinal parts and tackle specific problems.

Rehabline’s specialized orthotists offer their guidance on manufacturing the ideal orthotic body device. All orthotic braces are very discreet and can be easily worn beneath the user’s clothes without showing.